About Us

Bruce Taber, Founder, Chief Consultant and Analyst


40 Years of experience in Business Planning, Business Analytics, Operations Management, Product Development, Design and Manufacturing Engineering, and Quality.   

Established BetaForecasting to provide consulting in Integrated Business Planning (a.k.a Sales and Operations Planning) and Business Analytics with particular emphasis on Estimating and Forecasting.

Our Mission and Approach

We help you Improve your Business by Enhancing your Understanding and Confidence in your Information, Markets, Products, Forecasting, and Risk Analysis.


Our professional resources have exceptional expertise in Business Analytics, Integrated Business and Operations Planning, Life Estimation, Reliability Analysis, and Quality, and include former Vice Presidents of Marketing, Product Management, Engineering, Quality, and Service, an Executive MBA, a Certified Business Analyst, Database design and analysis experts, and a Six Sigma Black Belt.

We also offer a broad range of  Analytical Techniques and Customizeable Software Modules.

Specializing in:

  • Demand Planning and Inventory Optimization
  • Top-Down and Bottom-Up Forecasting, using Econometric, Pipeline, and Delphi Process Models
  • Risk Analysis and Decision Making
  • Uncertainty Modeling
    with Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Reliability Estimating,
    especially Weibull Analysis
  • Design Engineering: 
    Product Design Verification 
  • Manufacturing Engineering/Quality:
    Product and Process Validation