Business Analytics

We use proven methods to help you improve your decisions in Marketing, Sales, Product Management, Operations Planning, Engineering, Parts and Service, Manufacturing, and Quality. 

Business Planning

 Using our proven "Range Estimating" techniques we help you improve your Business Planning, from Demand Forecasting and Budgeting to Inventory Management


 We provide unique and proven Econometric, Pipeline, and Delphi Process Top-Down and Bottom-Up Forecasting Analysis and Software.  ​

We also provide expert Product Life and Warranty Estimating. 

Decision Making

We utilize "Range Estimating" inputs, not just scalar estimates, to help you understand and make "Grey Decisions" with confidence. 

Data Analysis

We use Business Analytics to take your Complex Data and turn it into Useful Information that is easy to understand. 


In collaboration with MonarchBusinessSystems, Inc. we develop custom applications to help you analyze, manage, and/or utilize your data.